Jason Mullen

Butternut Health Expert (BHE)

Arbor & Urban Forestry Associate

Jason Mullen joined Landmark Environmental Group Ltd. as a member of our Urban Forestry and Consulting Arbor team.

As a Forestry Technician with LEGroup Ltd. Jason’s is responsible for performing thorough tree inventories, tree assessments, data collection, preparing arbor reports & compensation plans relating to forest management and Municipal tree bylaws. In all aspects of preparing project assignments, he prioritizes implementing legislature including, but not limited to: Ontario Forestry Act 1990 Endangered Species Act 2007, Migratory Birds Convention Act 1994, and the Planning Act 1990.

Jason is knowledgeable in forest and tree identification including tree, plant, shrub, entomology, pathology as well as ecological site classification. He excels at invasive species management, and silvicultural practices spending extensive time on site visits using state of the art assessment tools to collect pertinent data.

Using ISA best practices combined with Jason’s comprehensive industry regulations knowledge in arbor analysis and data collection Jason provides accurate, in-depth evaluation to support clients needs. He is also a recognized Butternut Health Expert (BHE) with the Ministry of Natural Resources.

He is a graduate of the Urban Forestry and Forestry Technician Programs from Fleming Collage and a published photo journalist, continually preparing articles to various forestry industry publications.

What makes Landmark Environmental Group the right choice?

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Why Work With Us?

See what makes Landmark Environmental Group the right choice for your landscape architecture needs.

Why Work With Us?

See what makes Landmark Environmental Group the right choice for your consulting arborist needs.

Why Work With Us?

See what makes Landmark Environmental Group the right choice for your urban forestry needs.

  • Intricately involved in the public planning process for a wide variety of development applications
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  • Expertise and quality in inter-related disciplines including landscape architecture and arboricultural consulting.

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