Rebecca Thivierge

Arbor & Landscape Technologist


Rebecca began her career at Landmark Environmental Group Ltd. as a co-op student enrolled in the Environmental Technician Program at Georgian College.  Her keen nature and industry-specific software talents including Arc GIS – ArcMap and AutoCAD 2022, along with her Arborist Apprenticeship experience made her a perfect fit to join our Team as an Arbor & Landscape Technologist. Rebecca brings with her a focused experience within the areas of tree/shrub identification, management & inventory, tree health assessment and arborist reports, environmental laws & policies.

Her contributions to Landmark Environmental Group Ltd. will include:

  • Creation of conceptual Landscape Plans for Team review;
  • RFP/tender proposal writing;
  • Urban design and landscape renderings for presentations;
  • Landscape inspections for security reductions of development projects

She will be a valuable asset to Landmark Environmental Group Ltd. preparing conceptual landscape design plans and contract drawings along with cost estimates and conduct field investigation to acquire site data.

Rebecca is currently a member of the International Society of Arborists and is working towards her ISA certification.

Her passion for science, the environment and commitment to sustainable lifestyle is evident through her love for gardening & vermicomposting.

What makes Landmark Environmental Group the right choice?

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Why Work With Us?

See what makes Landmark Environmental Group the right choice for your landscape architecture needs.

Why Work With Us?

See what makes Landmark Environmental Group the right choice for your consulting arborist needs.

Why Work With Us?

See what makes Landmark Environmental Group the right choice for your urban forestry needs.

  • Intricately involved in the public planning process for a wide variety of development applications
  • Extensive knowledge of approvals process resulting in streamlined and efficient project approvals
  • Qualified professionals offering solutions for residential, industrial, commercial and institutional clients.
  • Expertise and quality in inter-related disciplines including landscape architecture and arboricultural consulting.

We proudly serve many municipalities throughout Ontario.

We excel at providing creative landscape design solutions for development proposals that retain existing features to the fullest extent while providing opportunities to explore new landscape expressions and connecting future developments to their natural surroundings in many Ontario communities.

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